Patient monitoring

Most patients in their trajectory are treated by different specialists, they also undergo different treatments until they are discharged. It is therefore essential to merge the data from the diagnosis, treatment and care. Because hospitals are highly digitized, a lot of information is collected by different software programs and biomedical devices at different stages along the patient path. The main problem with this information is to be able to guarantee its quality and to keep it confidential while still being easy to share.

We ensure the connectivity of more than 250 different biomedical devices (such as syringe pumps, ECGs, monitors, ...). The link ensures that the medical information is available directly and at the right time in the patient file. Our goal is to guarantee the quality of this data as well as save time for both the healthcare team and the patients. In addition to processing and collecting the medical information in real time, we will also escalate the alarms of all machines in an appropriate manner using alarm servers.