Who are we

Since 1991, we have been active in the world of telecommunications with the main activity telephone exchanges. For years we have imported DeTeWe products and distributed them in Belgium through various channels. Since 2002, the products have been distributed via Proximus under the name Forum 500. Our experience as an importer enabled us to expand our product knowledge with a full program of training courses, FAQs and certifications for our products. We have experience in 1st and 3rd line support. Both field and system tests are part of our technical tasks. This makes us an important link between you, the user and the R&D departments of the manufacturer.
Due to the technical evolution in telecommunications, we have focused on VoIP networks and data networks. By mixing voice and data, we have been able to expand our network knowledge in addition to our telecom knowledge. From working out entire networks to securing and optimizing existing networks. Knowledge has always been important to us, not only for our support activities, but also to support our customers as efficiently as possible. In addition to designing and installing, we also provide the necessary technical support and after-sales service. We also have our helpdesk for this.
Over the years we have acquired a whole range of customers in all possible sectors. From very small installations to large installations of around 500 users. Our real specialty, however, is the SME with emphasis on small businesses. It is not because a company is small that its needs or complexity are small. On the contrary, it is usually the other way around. The challenge is always to integrate new and complex solutions into small installations.
Our people regularly follow additional training courses to work in the various sub-areas. Not only technical employees, but also commercial employees receive regular additional training. Telecommunications, networks, security, … it is a very extensive domain that is constantly changing. It is important that, by linking these diverse areas together, we can offer real solutions to our customers. Not that everything is possible, but it is becoming increasingly impressive.