Care call

A care call system must optimize internal communication between residents and care providers or between patients and nursing staff. Our care call system can use the existing cabling. The system can use bus cabling, star cabling or simply work wirelessly. We start with a thorough investigation and perform the necessary tests to see what can be kept of the existing system. The care call can be launched from a push button on the bed, a pull cord at the bathroom, a necklace, a wrist transmitter, but also from an app on a smartphone or a smart watch. With the latter two, we can use localization techniques to give the resident more space without compromising on safety. Special solutions such as bed scanners or wander detection systems can also be integrated.

Simple care calls can arrive on a pager or a portable DECT device. But the calls can also end up on apps with voice and image integration both over WiFi and 3 / 4G. This can be useful for removed care apartments or people who are still cared for at home. The calls can automatically arrive at the nearest healthcare provider or be manually assigned from a geo-board.