In alarm servers, the link and integration with a variety of elements from the environment is important. Alarm servers can be locally installed or in the Cloud. They handle every alarm, escalate if necessary and ensure that the alarm gets to the right person. Alarms can be received in different ways: on telephones from your telephone exchange or cloud solution, via interactive apps on your smartphone, on pagers, by SMS, by e-mail, whether or not linked to sirens and light panels. Alarms can be very different, ranging from fire hazard, process monitoring, production processes, cooling installations, cameras, sensors, etc. Based on a thorough analysis of your needs, we work out a fully customized solution. It is important that you do not lose time and that no alarms are lost. The alarms are processed according to an escalation plan drawn up with you. Alarms must not only be acknowledged, but also logged so that you can check them afterwards. You can manage the alarm server remotely via the web interface. The alarm management consists of different levels so that appropriate management can be assigned to different users. If you use interactive apps, they are custom designed.